The best types of cheese

The best types of cheese

What is cheese?

Cheese is a food item that many healthy people want to eat by adding it to different food items. It is a food made from milk, and it is often made from goat’s milk, sheep’s milk, or cow’s milk. Milk may be fat or not fat.

The most important and best types of cheese

Gouda cheese

It is a cheese colored in orange-yellow color, and it is made from cow’s milk, or from skimmed milk, and the outer layer consists of wax paraffin, which is a red or yellow coating around it, and its taste is unique like the taste of nuts, and there is a large level
Of fat, and it was named after Judah in the Netherlands because of its origin there.

Rural cheese

It is considered a type of cheese from skimmed milk, cow, and curd, and it is made with
Almost every country, which can be taken on its own, or mixed with fruits or bread, has a second name and it is a paneer and it has been known in India.

Swiss cheese

Its name is because it originated in Switzerland, and it is the most attractive and delicious type of cheese, and it contains holes in all its parts, as it is distinguished by its good appearance in addition to the flavor of the nuts found in its ingredients.

Feta cheese

Feta cheese, also known as salty cheese, is one of the oldest types of cheese and the most famous of which is made using
Sheep milk, buffalo, and cow’s milk together, or separately, are immersed
Milk, salt, and salted in brine for a few months, and most of the time it is used in salads, and sweets.

Blue cheese

It is called this name because of the mold found in curd, which is used to prepare cheese and is one of the milk with a very strong smell. This cheese is prepared from cow’s milk, sheep, or goat’s milk, in addition to that it contains a refreshing taste.

Mozzarella Cheese

Also called Italian cheese, it was discovered in Italy, and the color is white, soft to the touch
It is made entirely or partially from skimmed milk, water buffalo or cow’s milk, and is used in preparing pizza, pasta, and lasagna.

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